About Us

Comfort and Performance

The Go-To Guy. Big Hitter. The Ace. Game Changer. However you phrase it, the player is the same. It’s the rare talent that has what it takes to pull out a clutch performance – and whether you’re a pro, a rising star or a weekend warrior, you know that top-level performance and ill-fitting footwear are not a winning combination.


3N2 was born on the ballfield – the product of both experience and opportunity: The collective experience we share as die-hard softball and baseball players and the opportunity to fill a need. That need? Footwear designed by players, for players. Footwear that addresses the dynamic relationship between comfort and performance.

Elevating the Game

Based in Orlando, FL, 3N2 maintains a singular focus on designing and manufacturing the most durable and dynamic line of comfort-driven, performance-boosting baseball and softball footwear in the marketplace —footwear and apparel that elevate the games of our customers whether they’re eight or eighty, Jack or Jill, a big leaguer or a t-baller.